How to make money online in Ghana


This article is for you if you want to work online in Ghana and earn extra money or more financial independence in your career.

You could earn money online in Ghana if you know where to look and what to do. Your expertise, knowledge, and experience will fit into one or more of these categories.

I’d like to briefly explain what it means to make money online before I start listing the lucrative ways to make money online in Ghana.


What is online earning?

Online earnings are commissions, sales, and other sources of income derived from online activity. Affiliate commissions from businesses associating with others to market their products are one possible source of online income.

People that participate in marketing their goods or services online generate income. Additionally, you can make money by working as a freelancer for individuals and companies.


Channels of Making Money Online in Ghana.

If you take the appropriate steps, you can successfully earn a significant sum of money in Ghana digitally. Either sell your things or advertise other companies’ products to earn money online. Here are a few efficient methods for making money online in Ghana.

1. Blogging


Digitally, a blog is a wonderful way to start. A blog is a website that is run by a person and offers the chance for regular postings. A blog could focus on a single subject or cover various topics.

Starting a blog is simple, and you can use either the premium subscription, trial service, or the free version. For the free versions, your blog posts are placed under the company’s domain name; alternatively, you can buy a domain name and make use of a comprehensive standard blogging platform like WordPress.

The following platforms let you blog for free:


The best way to get your personal domain name and hosting for posting your website is through a premium option if you prefer greater control over your blog. You can exercise more control over it and create your own brand. The following are some of the paid services you can use:

The quantity of traffic you drive to your blog will determine how much money you make from it. You can make money by selling goods and services, taking affiliate commissions, or using Google AdSense.


2. Affiliate Marketing

Another strategy for expanding your internet income is through an affiliate program. By advertising a website’s goods and services, you are an associate.

When you sign up for an affiliate program, you are given an affiliate link that you can use to direct people to your associate’s website. Affiliate networks pay a commission or a fixed rate according to the amount of traffic or sales generated.

You can make money online in Ghana via any affiliate marketing programs for Ghanaian and foreign businesses listed here.

– Affiliate program:

Recommend to both employers and job applicants to earn referral fees and commissions on completed transactions. For each sale, you can make up to 25%.

– Web4Africa Affiliate Program:
/http://Web4Africa Affiliate Program:

Africans that want web hosting services are this company’s primary target.

You can become a member of their affiliate programs and get 10% off the price of each successful referral. Additionally, you have the option to pay for their services with a commission.

– Wakanow Affiliate Program:

Wakanow serves as an operational gateway for the African online travel firm in Ghana and other African nations.

Join their affiliate program to receive commissions and booking benefits. Travel blogs will make a great target market for this website.

– Amazon Affiliate Program:

Join the Amazon Affiliate Program to receive up to 10% referral rewards.

– Grammarly Affiliate Program:

Grammarly is an online grammar checker that improves vocabulary while identifying and removing incorrect spellings, and it does reading and writing more exciting.

– Fiverr Affiliates Program:

An online marketplace called Fiverr compensates independent freelancers who use their websites. For more details, you can learn more on various freelance websites.

You can receive up to $150 as an affiliate program partner for each registered person using your referral link.

– SEM Rush Affiliate Program:

Bloggers can use SEM Rush as a platform, particularly those whose work is optimized for search engines.

By becoming an affiliate marketer of this program, you can be paid up to 40% commission for each SEMrush subscription made via your affiliate link.

– Shopify Affiliates Program:

Another e-commerce platform that facilitates bringing together customers and sellers with complementary interests is Shopify.

For every user who uses your referral link to register for a paid subscription, you can be paid an average of $58.

– Coursera Affiliate Program:

One of the most popular online education platforms today is Coursera. It costs nothing to sign up for the Coursera Affiliate Program.

As a registered associate of this program, you would be qualified for 20% to 45% commissions on every successful transaction.

– AliExpress Affiliate Program:

As a registered associate of the Ali Express affiliate program, you can be paid up to 50% commission for each product a consumer buys through your link.


3. E-Commerce

You can do so if you possess the abilities, skills, and information necessary to offer goods or services online.

You can promote and sell your goods through an e-commerce website leveraging already popular websites. Some well-known companies offer partner programs that let vendors sell products in their online stores.

While you focus on advertising the company, reputable websites with a seller’s campaign can perform several sales process features like marketing strategies, shipping, and proper handling. You can sell on platforms like Amazon, Tonaton, and other established websites.



4. E-books

Everyone has something worthwhile to offer the world. One option to earn money online is to convert your knowledge and expertise into an e-Book that you can sell online to those who need such information.

You can write your book on any topic, including caring for dogs, creating persuasive content, technology, using equipment, self-improvement, and any other subject you are familiar with.

Currently, publishing an ebook is straightforward and can be done with applications already installed on your computer or developed on a website.

There are numerous free and paid tools for creating your book cover, including writing the words of the ebook. Consider writing your e-book in Microsoft Word and converting it to PDF.

You can write and publish your ebook with the help of the applications listed below.

– Sobolsoft:

– Canva Ebook Creator:

– Vista Create:

5. YouTube Channel

Starting a Youtube channel, gaining sufficient traffic, monetizing it with various income streams, and receiving payment from Youtube are other ways to earn money online.

Creating a YouTube channel is simple, but growing an audience takes time and effort before you can start earning money.

6. Sell Items/Products on Facebook

You can generate income on Facebook as many people, just like you are currently doing so, by selling both digital and physical items. On Facebook, people purchase various products, including shirts, shoes, books, food, and other stuff.

You must have a Facebook account to commence selling on Facebook. Create and build a Facebook page to manage your products, and use it to promote them through Facebook advertising and consistent posting.


7. Freelancing

Freelancing, a freelancer, and a freelance worker are terms commonly used for a person who is self-employed and not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.

If you have some unique skills, then you can also freelance on great websites like Fiverr and Upwork. On these websites, you can set up an account as a seller and sell skills like graphic designing, web designing, proofreading, typing, and many other skills.

8. Content Writing

Writing is a skill that can be learned, and it’s significantly better if you already possess it. You can write on a range of subjects for clients or as a freelancer.




Now that you have it, you may use the list to decide where you want to start and how to do so. Working toward what you desire is the only way to see results. Become committed to it and put in all the effort required to make it successful.

If you can make good use of the information in this article about how to make money online in Ghana, you will definitely make money online.

Ifeanyi Vincent

Ifeanyi igwe is a writer from Ebonyi state . He holds the belief that his place of origin will always be home no matter how far he goes.

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