Kudi Pos charges

Kudi, the leading international fintech firm based in Nigeria, has been delivering innovative financial solutions for individuals, businesses and governments for more than a decade.

Kudi currently has outlets in Kenya and Ghana, and is rapidly expanding throughout Africa.

The Bank is revolutionizing the banking sector and providing merchants with easy payment options.

With innovations like their mobile app, which is the only bank app that allows customers to transfer money from their phones,

Kudi remains one of the most popular digital banking service providers in Nigeria.

Millions of Nigerians trust our online financial services and mobile banking apps to take care of their financial needs.

Kudi POS agents are authorized under the fintech giant to carry out transactions for their customers.

These agents are able to provide a convenient and secure platform for customers to transact with Kudi.

Kudi offers its agents a range of opportunities to develop their skills and increase their earning potential.

Kudi is a highly-reliable brand that is trusted by both consumers and retailers.

-Kudi is the only brand to be registered by CAC.

-Kudi caters to a wide variety of markets and demographics.

Kudi POS terminals are free of charge. But, for you to get one, you will have to pay a security deposit/caution fee of N20,000.

Kudi POS withdrawal charges

Kudi transaction charges for POS withdrawals
are as follows:

N100 to N4,500 charges(N25)

N4,501 to N25,000 charges is (0.6%)

N25,001 to N500,000 charges is (N150)

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