10 Ways Advertising Will Help Your Business Grow

Advertising plays an important role in getting your business noticed, and when you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to tell what kind of advertising will be most effective for your business. This list of 10 ways advertising will help your business grow can give you some ideas that you might not have considered before, or at least force you to look at things from a different perspective.

How advertising helps businesses

1) It’s A Great Way To Expand Your Reach

Getting your name out there is important, especially if you’re a small-business owner. You want people to know what you do and why they should use your products or services. advertising can help you reach people across town, or around the world. And you’ll probably have more success if you think outside of mainstream channels like television and newspapers—remember that most consumers spend their time online these days, so it makes sense to spend your ad dollars on an internet platform like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads.


2) Paid Ads Are Predictive

Social media and search engine results get flooded with new offerings every day. It’s tough to stand out from your competitors on organic platforms. Spend money—on paid ads, and let them do some of your marketing for you! Consumers trust brands that advertise more than those that don’t, so let other people do a little bit of your heavy lifting by showing off what you have to offer. Advertise, your business will grow as a result!
Not only are consumers more likely to trust you if you advertise, but they’re also more likely to remember your product, too. By including a creative message and short link in your paid ads, you can remind people about what it is that makes your company great! When potential customers are ready to pull out their wallets and make a purchase, they’ll turn to you first!


3) It Makes You Look Professional

The most obvious reason that advertising is important to your business is because it makes you look professional. It shows people you’re a serious business owner who knows what they’re doing and that you can be trusted to deliver good products or services. And if done right, advertising will get more customers through your door without being pushy about it. If you have an idea for an ad campaign, then go for it! But if not, don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways advertising helps your business grow.


4) Gives Customers Confidence In Your Brand

When you don’t advertise your business or products, potential customers don’t know you exist. You may be making great products and providing excellent customer service, but they’ll never know if they don’t see you out there somewhere.

Tell them about yourself. Demonstrate to customers that you are as trustworthy as your word by advertising with your logo and contact information on packaging, brochures, etc. This is especially important for new businesses trying to establish themselves in a competitive market. If you have a proven track record of success and quality, then it will help people trust your brand more quickly. The old saying A happy customer tells two friends; an unhappy one tells 10 still holds true today!

5) Brings Quality Traffic To Your Site


Bringing quality traffic to your site is one of the most important pieces of an effective marketing strategy. It’s hard to convert an existing customer, but it’s much easier to attract new ones. There are countless ways to drive traffic to your site, but be careful: You don’t want just any visitors; you want visitors who are specifically looking for your product or service and ready to buy! The best way you can do that is by advertising.


6) Improves SEO And On-Page Optimization

Get your content to rank on Google is no easy feat, but if you’re serious about SEO and want your business to grow quickly, it’s worth it. Writing and optimizing a piece of content that resonates with potential customers and has a viable call-to-action will help you gain visibility among competitors. This can translate into better search engine rankings, more traffic and—ultimately—more sales for your business.


7) Improves Organic Listings’ CTRs And Conversions


Having a decent organic CTR is good, but having an improved one that beats your competitors is better. Not only will you grab more leads, you’ll also be able to convert them into paying customers easier and faster. The secret: advertising. Whether on Google, Facebook or Twitter, advertising takes your organic presence up a notch. You can purchase ads on social media platforms and get prime placement when users search for keywords relating to your brand or niche.


8) Helps Get Info Into The Hands Of Prospective Customers Quickly

If you’re running a B2B (business-to-business) business, content marketing can help get information into the hands of prospective customers quickly. Instead of giving them your phone number and asking them to call you for more information, send them a link to your latest white paper or recorded webinar. With every click on an advertisement for your business, these potential customers are becoming more educated about what it is that you do – and at no cost to them.


9) Helps Build An Email List To Later Use For Selling Products/Services/Info


If you’re starting a new business, one of your first goals should be building an email list. Email is by far one of the best ways to advertise for free, as most consumers will have no idea how to stop it. Because of that, it can be more useful than other paid forms of advertising (such as Google AdWords) because you don’t have to pay per click or per view. Instead, you only pay when someone signs up on your email list and opts in to receive communications from you. You then have their contact information and permission to send them emails with links back to your website, where they can purchase products or services. You could also use them as a source of leads for later sales calls if needed.


10) Promotes Sales Through Repeat Purchases.

Sales will always be one of your primary goals, whether you are a business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) firm. You want to sell as much as possible. And advertising can help in two ways: It can increase sales volumes, and it can encourage customers to buy again. For example, if someone sees an ad for your product that leads them to purchase something they like, they’ll likely come back for more when they need it.

The best kind of repeat purchases are those that happen automatically, for example, when a customer has your product on subscription.

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