10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job (Just Yet)

While quitting your job can seem like an obvious choice when you’re not happy at work, it’s not always the best choice to make. There are several reasons why you should hold off on quitting your job if you’re thinking about leaving in the near future. To help you come up with a plan of action that best suits your situation, read the following list of reasons why you shouldn’t quit your job right now

1) You Are Reliable

One of your most important qualities is being reliable. If you’re always late, you’ll miss meetings and deadlines. Do not quit your job now because you want to ensure that you maintain a good reputation in your workplace and among co-workers. It is especially vital that you do not leave a job before giving two weeks notice or more. Doing so will show your employer that they can count on you to get work done on time and with high quality.
Before you take another job, it’s a good idea to get a recommendation from your current employer. Getting a positive reference is one of the easiest ways to put your best foot forward when looking for work and can help convince new employers that you are someone they should hire.

2) Stop Wasting Time

If you’re job searching, then it can feel like every waking hour is about finding a new job. But you don’t have to spend every waking hour searching for a new position. It’s important to continue performing your current job well even if you hate it—as long as that performance continues to get results and doesn’t negatively impact your ability to find a new one. Don’t squander time when you could be using it productively.

3) Your Employer Can Assist With Training

If you’re looking to learn new skills to prepare for your next job, consider finding a mentor at your current employer. They can provide insight into what skills you should focus on and which ones you already have. This way, you’ll have a stronger sense of your marketability when it comes time to look for a new job.
If you feel like your skills aren’t quite up to par, consider looking for a mentor at your employer. Having someone experienced to guide you can make it easier to learn and hone certain skills that may be valuable in future positions.

4) Having Security Beats the Unknown

When you have a stable, predictable income that allows you to pay your bills and support yourself, you have more control over your life. If you quit without having another job lined up, what will happen? Maybe it’s time to work on getting a raise before switching jobs. Maybe it’s time to cut expenses so you can live off one income while looking for a new job. With all of these options available, why wouldn’t you give yourself every advantage when making such an important decision?

It’s hard to quit a job when you have savings in your bank account. This might seem counterintuitive, but money is your safety net, says Jessica Miller-Merrell, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and cofounder of Growth Mindset Therapy . If you lose your job—for whatever reason—you don’t want to be left without an income. Don’t leave yourself financially vulnerable if you can help it.
The more money you have saved up, Miller-Merrell says, the longer you can afford to be unemployed. She recommends saving at least three months of salary in an emergency fund to protect yourself against a major life disruption like losing your job or getting hurt and having to go on disability. But if you’re not there yet, it’s OK: It is absolutely understandable if you can’t [save three months], especially when unemployment rates are so high right now, she says.

6) Going Part-Time Is a Good Thing

Too many people consider taking a job part-time as a bad thing, because they want to get it out of their head that they need to be full-time in order to do their best work. This is simply not true, but there are still several good reasons why you shouldn’t leave your current job just yet. Here are ten reasons why you should stay put for now.

7) It’s Not That Difficult To Get Another Job

One of the biggest reasons people tell themselves that they should leave their job right now is because it’s so difficult to get another job. The difficulty factor is dependent on many things, including your industry, geographic location and type of work you do. But here’s something to consider: Since 2009, we’ve added 4 million jobs in America and unemployment has fallen from 10% to 7%. In other words, there are jobs out there–you just have to look for them in a different way.

8) Quitting Isn’t Always The Right Move

When you’re unhappy at work, it can seem like you have no choice but to quit. And who wants to put up with a job they hate? But before you go leaping ship, try to think through your decision carefully and consider other options. Here are 10 reasons why quitting might not be best for your career right now:…

9) Sometimes It Just Takes Time To Figure Things Out

It can take time to figure out what career is right for you. You may think it’s just not going to work out, but it’s worth giving yourself some time. There are often reasons that we’re struggling at our jobs, and if you give yourself some time, you’ll see that things will get better with your job. If they don’t, then maybe it’s time to look elsewhere. But don’t jump ship too quickly!

10) Working For Somebody Else Has Its Advantages

Like all things in life, there are benefits and drawbacks to working for someone else. Before you quit your job, here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t leave just yet. If any of these sound familiar, it might be a good idea to stay put. These aren’t intended as excuses not to take action—just rationales for waiting a little longer before leaving your day job behind.
1. Time is on your side – It might seem counterintuitive, but taking some time off to work on your business will actually make you a more marketable employee down the road. For example, let’s say you leave your job now to work full-time on your startup and in 6 months your business fails miserably. Not only are you unemployed, but potential employers see that failure as a strike against you—and they’re probably right to think that way.

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